Birdev - Designing the Nest

When building any game, I try to place each mechanic carefully as I can. When you really get into what makes a game, it's not as easy as putting a few numbers together, throwing some art on, and shipping it out (If only). There's more to a game that a large majority of players don't see and it's not on them to see it. Think of it like looking under the hood of your car. Sure it gets you from A to B, but how does it do it exactly? 

Game design to me, is a lot like building a house. There's a many different locations in your house, electrical systems, plumbing layouts, but each house is different. Now for the sake of this article, lets consider each house our nest. Each nest, like each house, has different sizes, twigs, etc... As the nest builder it's important to understand the type of nest you want. Things like how many players, what's the intended age group, max play time(s), etc

I've been thinking more about this concept as of lately, mostly because the next project I've been working on has been changing a little too rapidly. There should be a sense of scope that's aligned appropriately, but at the same time, innovation should still occur. It's hard to say what the final game will look like for this next one, but I'd like to keep it lighter mechanically.

Oh, and fun too. 


A Modest "Hey, what's going on."

Greetings all you wonderful internet creatures!

Here's whats been going on the last few months. There's been a lot of moving pieces associated with getting Everything Makes Sense out in the world. I assure you, it's coming and should be available in a limited release this year! I'll be on my soap box once I have physical product to sell, that's for sure. 

On another note: I've been working on a new project. I call it Project Seasons, mostly because I don't want to release the full name of the game just yet. Yeah, I'm going to be that guy right now...  I'd love for Seasons to be out sometime this year, but realistically with the launch of Everything Makes Sense, it would be a little crazy launching two products around the same quarter. I'd hopefully like to see a finished prototype by the end of the year, but we'll see what happens throughout the process. 

I'll be posting here more often, in a blog like format. Seems like a good way to show I'm still around :) 

Until next time! 

VBG at PAX Unplugged

Greetings! Allen here with another update. 

Recently back from the very first PAX Unplugged! For those that don't know, the unplugged part to me reminds me of playing too many video games, therefore, being told to go outside. So in the case of the convention, it's all board games! I was unable to exhibit this year, unfortunately, but that didn't stop me from having a great time and really learning a bunch. 

The convention itself was handled very well! So when it comes to heading back to Philadelphia next year, I'll be better geared to hit the ground running.

If I missed you this year, don't worry! I'm sure the next time is right around the corner! 

Oh! Also - there's going to be some cool updates super soon so staaaaay tuned! 

Stay awesome, 


VBG at Blizzcon 2017

Another new and interesting update. 

I was fortunate to attend Blizzcon this year and I have to say, it was quite the experience. I'm sure some of you play or have a friend that plays some kind of Blizzard game. Now you may be thinking to yourself: "But Viewbird Games is a company for board games, why would you go to a video game convention?". It's a bit of a loaded question to answer, but I'll break it down like this. 

I've been playing Blizzard games pretty much my whole life. There's a large impact these games have had on me throughout my experience with them. Being able to experience this first hand has been an incredible experience for me. 

I was fortunate enough to even speak with some of the folks that work at Blizzard. There are so many passionate people that work there. Hearing their stories was very inspring.  

I've learned a lot from my trip and I hope to be able to make it next year! 

On the downside, I was unable to make it to Metatopia this year, but hopefully next year both conventions won't be on the same weekend. 


Back from the dead update!

A special pre- Halloween greetings!

We're very much still alive, we promise! There's a lot of cool and exciting stuff that we've been doing behind the scenes and wouldn't want to ruin the surprise!

The latest build for Everything Makes Sense is officially finished! There some cool new stuff with the version we're sure you'll like!  

Also, we're suuuuuper sorry we've been MIA as of lately, but know that we've got a ton of new stuff on the way. 

Trust us.