Everything Makes Sense is a ridiculous storytelling party game for the whole family.

The game is simple. Each player draws two cards from the Character, Setting, and Plot decks up to a maximum hand size of (6) cards. Whenever you play a card, draw the same card type, always drawing back up to six cards.

The group selects a Story Stickler (judge) who reads off the Theme card, enforces any rules of that card, weighs in on the direction of the story if needed, and most importantly awards the points. 



Each player plays up to three cards per theme, playing one between the Beginning, Middle, and End of each storyThe Player who goes first has the freedom to set up the story however they like, whereas the player who goes last has the power to really end with a bang.

At the end the Story Stickler awards the Theme to the player they believe earned it. 


Oh my Attributes!  

Oh! I almost forgot. There's also Attributes that can be played alongside with any card as you tell your part of the story OR you can play them as is! It's up to you on how Attributes work for you.  

As crazy as stories can get, hopefully... Everything Makes Sense